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Lightfast Pencils

Derwent Lightfast pencils have been formulated to be 100% lightfast. The revolutionary core is resistant to prolonged colour change ensuring artwork will not fade for up to 100 years under museum conditions.

  • 100% lightfast, all colours are professional quality and comply with ASTM D6901 and Blue Wool Scale ISO 105
  • Revolutionary oil-based core which creates rich vibrant colour
  • Colours can be mixed on the page to create a paint-like effect
  • Strong point for detailed drawing and layering techniques
  • A rich colour selection, with quick and opaque colour laydown

Artist recommended


Here our award-winning US artist Jesse Lane's thoughts on our Lightfast range. He designed the awe-inspiring eye on our Lightfast packaging!

"These lightfast pencils are Derwent's first oil-based pencils. The firmness of the lead is a good balance between soft and hard. It can make a fine point without breaking immediately, while still maintaining a bit of the smoothness of a creamy, soft pencil...What I love about the Lightfast colour selection: there are colours that are almost, but not quite, black. I find this super helpful when creating subjects fading in and out of shadow." Jesse Lane


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