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Artist Easel Stand that is a portable, collapsible, tripod easel for painting and drawing
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SKU: SFE0020
R 863.52
  • Contemporary light-weight portable wooden artist easel that collapses into 34.25 x 4.25 inches of travel/storage size block and expands up to 72 x 30 inches of professional size tripod easel
  • Innovative design and utilization offerings suitable for creative artists of any level serving indoor/outdoor projects as a full-fledged yet quick-setup painting/drawing/sketching workstation
  • 3 point jaw-style art media holder accommodates stretched canvas, canvas panels, or solid drawing pads/books for the size of up to 27 inches high and 0.75 inch thick
  • Ideal for professional studios as well as academic applications with a wide variety of painting media