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Traditional oil paint that's proudly made in South Africa. Art Board Oil paints are triple milled to perfection with a smooth and buttery consistency. Our high pigment load ensures vibrant colours with a wide selection to suit your palette.
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Jaune 1, 2 & 3:

  1. Soft Yellows: Jaune 1 is a soft yellow, ideal for creating gentle, muted tones. Use it to capture the subtle warmth in areas that are softly lit.

  2. Mixing Tip: Experiment with mixing Jaune 1 & 2 with other yellows and whites to create a variety of pale and delicate hues suitable for depicting light and highlights.

  3. Natural Light: Apply Jaune 1 in areas where natural light is present. It can be effective for creating a luminous quality in your paintings.

  4. Highlighting: Use Jaune 1 as a highlighting color, especially in combination with darker tones. This creates a sense of volume and dimension in your artwork.

  5. Floral Elements: Jaune 1 works well for painting floral elements with a soft and subtle color palette. It's particularly effective for capturing the delicacy of petals.

  6. Flesh Tones: Jaune 1, 2 and 3 work particularly well in depicting lighter skin tones and are effective in blending dark to light transitions.

  7. Landscapes & Still Life: Use all Jaune 1,2, and 3 tints and tones to add warmth to landscape subjects as well as clay and ceramic objects in still lifes.