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Moorman Double Imperial Mountboard Black

Acid free mountboard. Size 815mm x 1200mm
SKU: BMM5413
R 177.59

The aesthetic aspect of a mat is of major importance. The mat needs to provide a beautiful transition between the frame and the work of art and, by taking advantage of colour and structure, Moorman matboard is able to provide that function. Moreover, the mat is able to ensure that the work comes more into its own. It is striking to see how a good mat will reveal what is there. Whether it is a work by a great artist or a water-colour by an amateur, a pleasing print or an amiable photograph, Art with a capital A or art with a small a.

The technical function of a mat has a role to play besides its aesthetic function. The technical function of a mat is to keep the print or work of art away from the glass. The ensuing requirement for the matboard is that it is of a certain thickness.

In addition, there is a protective function. The quality of Moorman's matboard makes a contribution to the work of art remaining in good condition. Quality will be discussed in more detail in the section "Structure of Matboard".

The selection of a mat is made on the basis of consultation between you, the frame-maker, and the customer. Of course your advice will play an important part. In giving that advice you know that you are supported by the wide range of Moorman Karton, which will completely satisfy what the customer and the work of art require.